Sunday, December 21, 2008

The joys of having sisters

Poor Ray. He is what his father was. The only boy in the family. Only its worse because Ray is the youngest as well as the only boy. He has no idea that he is being tortured. He only thinks he is finelly getting to be apart of whatever it is his sisters always do when they leave him out. They play dress up and he thinks he needs to also. So this poor young boy of mine has become a victim of cross-dressing, and has no idea! Well at least he has his father, a real mans man, to help him out. He will teach him what a real man should wear, or uh not wear that is. I dont know which scares me more......

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

For Tanya

Here are some pics for you Tanya. They are from when you came to visit for a short weekend! We had so much fun.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Pageant pics

As promised, here are a few pictures from the pageant. One is from the fashion part of the competition. I also won the "peoples choice queen", so thank you to all who voted for me online.

Monday, November 3, 2008

There she is...Ms. Texan american Beauty.....

So If you haven't heard, the big pageant I have been preparing for was last night, and I won! It was such a shock to me. And yes I have to admit I did cry. It was so overwhelming and with all the stress and preparation for this day, to actually acheive the goal that I set for myself was so surreal. Ofcoarse it didn't help that my little Rian and Reece were there in the front row bawling for me. Reece thought I was a princess and wanted to touch my crown. It was so cute. Anyway now I have a lot of work ahead of me as Ms. Texas. Not only do I have to represent our state in the National pageant, but there are a ton of duties throughout the year I have to perform. Right now Im taking the day off from my usual duties and relaxing. And eating anything I want!!! I will have pics to come later, hopefully. If not you can keep checking the website to see if they updated it yet. They should sometime this week. Its
PS. to all of you who voted for me online thankyou, I also won the peoples choice award.

Monday, October 27, 2008

I hate the emergency room!

It has been a crazy weekend! Rian told me her butt itched on fri. morning. I looked and it simply looked like a mosquito bite. I told her, dont ich it, and it will go away. Then Friday night she couln't sit on the cheek that she had the "bite" on. I looked at it again, this time it was swollen and had a pimple like head. So naturally I popped it and told her to wash herself better. Then Sat. morning I checked it again, and it was more swollen and hot to the touch, and had another puss pocket. So I then thought this was a spider bite. Having been bitten myself once by a poisonous spider, I saw the signs. I took her to the emergency room. So 2 hours and $200.00 later, they told me to watch it and gave me an antibiotic for the infection. I was a little frustrated and unsatisfied with the diagnoses. They didn't even take a culture or anything. So I gave her the medicine for the 2 days and watched it. By Sat. night, the redness was past the little marks they made earlier that morning. I kept watching. Sun., the same thing. Then Sunday night it had spread even more and now the head of it was black. I know this was not good. So I made her dr. appt for monday morning. I love my doctor. Dr. Bellinoski! What a gal!! She took one look and asked, "Did the dr. at the emergency room take a culture?" I said no. She asked "Why NOT" i dunno. anyway she took a culture and drained the puss out. She also gave another antibiotic cream to put on it. She said it looks like a type of staff infection, called MSRA staff. She will know for sure in a couple days. She then gave us some more instructions and said she would call us when the culture came in. And all that cost me was my 25 dollar co-pay. I cant believe the emergency room did nothing but look at it. For all that money and nothing. I will never go there again. From now on Ill go to the Texas childrens emergency office on weekends. Its just a co-pay and a lot more thourough!!!
So far Rian is doing a lot better, since a lot of the puss was squeezed out.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Random photos

This is how Ray watches tv. I love it. The girls decided to lay with him. The other photo is at the b-party below, and is all my nephews and my kiddos as well.

Party time

This is my nephew and ofcoarse Ray at Brice's 2nd bday party, (my nephew). They had so much fun. Aren't they cute with their big floatie muscle's?

Im a star

Lookout Hannah Montana, here comes Rian Lee, she's on her way. Rian started guitar lessons about a month ago. She loves it so far and seems to be catching on pretty well. Im hopeing she'll get good enough to teach me one day. I dunno, we will see.

Ahh...the simple things...

Its funny how something so simple can entertain a child for hours. Reece and Ray pulled all the pillow cushions on to the floor one night and jumped off the couch onto them, over, and over again. They laughed so hard. Rian came out and joined in the fun. They were busy with this for about two hours, right before bedtime. I usually do not allow this, but since they were having so much fun with each other, I took it as an oppurtunity for them to make memories. I remember doing the same thing with my sisters, and just laughing and laughing. It seemed like we could fly. It actually looks like Ray and Reece are flying in some of these pics.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Get against the wall and stay there!

This is a funny pic. I was watching my 3 nephews that day, and we had just got our new couches the day before. So I was very strict about them eating or drinking in the living room. They were having a capri sun, and I simply said "ok everyone, make sure you stay inside the kitchen with your drinks. I don't want you to spill on my new couches." The next thing I know they are all standing against the wall in a perfect line, sucking their drinks like they were going out of style, so they could hurry and finish sponge bob square pants. It was hilarioous!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Rough and tough!!

Why are boys so rambunctious!!! Little Girls can be hyper and very active, but for the most part reasonable. But little boys..... everything has to be rough and tough. Ray cant just give me a hug and kiss, he has to run full speed at me and jump on top of me to kiss me, bumping my head in the process. When I tell him to clean up his mess he yells NO!, when I pop him on the butt, and tell him again and to not tell me NO!, he says uhhh! OKeeeeaa! And when he is in a silly mood he doesnt talk to me he growls and laughs running away.
So last week monday to be precise, we were all having a very nice day swimming in the backyard. We decided to have a picnic for lunch outside by the pool. It was hot but there was a little breeze, so it wasvery nice. I was chicking my phone for missed calls while the kids were all eating and sitting nicely in their chairs. They were so good that I said if they finished everything, I would give them a brownie, left over from the day before. So I went in the house to get the kids their treat and as Im bringing them outside, I see Ray on top of the table, with my phone in hand. before I could say anything, Rian is screaming at him saying "RAY, PUT THAT DOWN!!!, NO SIR!!!" Now if you don't know, this is not the way to get Ray to put anything down. When he is yelled at about holding something, instead of being a good little boy and putting it down, he automatically throws the object. So I knew in that instant my phone, which is my life, was over. Their it went flying in the air, bouncing on the hard cement, and into the pool. Sinking to the bottom. I was devestated. But thank goodness I had my sim card inside with all my numbers saved on it. So I got the phone and ran it into the house to retrieve my card before it to was ruined. Then I hear another scream followed by loud crying from my son. I ran outside to find him in the pool, (its ok he had floaties on), with his mouth full of blood. Apparently Rian says, he was standing at the edge with his back to the pool, and reece pushed him in on accident and he fell hitting his mouth on the flagstone. I came to find out he had bit through his bottom lip. OUCH!! So ofcoarse he had to get stitches. He needed 4, but only got 2, because he was moving so much. That was a tramatic experience for any mother to go through. And a whole other story. The question is , has it slowed him down at all, and taught him a lesson about being so rough?? NOT ONE BIT!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Update info

Hey all,
Just wanted to update you on some pageant stuff. If you go to , you can see some of my pics she took for the pageant. She is doing it totally free(she is a neighbor, and a new friend) but she did such an awesome job. anyway thats all. Love you all!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

The new crop of "KISSING COUSINS"

Ray enjoying a little pudding

My little rocker!!

IM STRESSED! How about you?

I have been so busy trying to get sponsors for this pageant. If anyone would like to help, please let me know. Anyway, my whole family is sick, except me. I pray I don't get it next. Im loading up on vitamins to try and stay healthy. I think I need to just relax a little so I dont get runned down, but that is hard to do when you have 3 kids, and a husband relying on you to take care of them. And to add to all that Im trying to budget our checkbook. It would be fine except we keep getting unexpected bills, and other things making it hard to stay in the budget. Not to mention all the parties we are invited to. Oh and i always forget to budget in groceries. Once again our cupboards are almost bare. Oh well that is what happens when you put yourself in debt. A word to the wise....DON'T DO IT!!!! It always catches up with you.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

random photos of my babies

Maybe I'll get some tips from the girls!

Pageant Queen

So its been a long time for me. Sorry I've been busy. I know, poor excuse right? Anyway Ive got something ive been working on. Some of you may know, and some may not, but I am competing in a Texas pageant for the Ms. division. The title i have now is Ms. Houston, Tx. American Beauty. The title I am competing for is Ms. Texas American Beauty, and if that is achieved It will be on to Ms. American Beauty. So now a little backround story. I was approached by the Miss Texas American Beauty Director a few months ago, and asked if I would be interested. I said no at first because I have never been in a pageant before and really had no interest, and besides I am married with kids. I didn't think I was elegible. She then went on to tell me about this particular pageant. It is for not only teens and Miss divisions, but also Ms. , Mrs. and elite(50+) divisions. She said it is a pageant that celebrates women of all ages and is more about women with integrity, faith, and inner beauty. Women who want to make a difference in their community. I then became interested. But I asked "Isn't pageants pretty expensive?" I cannot afford to do something like this on my own. She then said you can get sponsers to help you, and she actually waived the 250.00 sign up fee. She said there is something about you that caught my eye, and I really beleive you could win and do great things. I said that sounds great and all, but I still don't know what to do. I don't know how to be in a pageant. She then said her daughter is the reighning Ms. Texas American beauty and would be willing to train me for free.(its about 200.00 per session usually, up to 5 sessions) I still wasnt sure, so I told her Id think about it. so I asked some family members what they thought, and surprisingly had a lot of support. I then talked to my neighbor, who is the P.R. queen and great at getting sponsers, and has her own website. She thought it was terrific and jumped on the oppourtunity to help me. So now I had financial support, family support, and someone who would train me, the only thing I had to come up with was a good platform, something I truly believed in. And immediatly my little cousin Mindy popped in my head. I had always been so moved to see how my Aunt Margo and Uncle Jeff were with Mindy. She has characteristics of Cerbrel Palsy, but much more intense. She has been in a wheelchair for her whole life, and use of only her neck up. Though she has this disability, everytime I've seen her and her family, they seem like the happiest people in the world. I really think Mindy is a true blessing to our family. I only wish I lived closer, so I could really get to know her better. Anyway, I knew after I thought of this, that this pageant would be a great way for me to promote my Uncle's scholership fund that he opened. It is the Margo Sears Schoership Fund. So by doing this pageant I will be able to tell my story and possibly touch someone enough to make a difference. If that happens then It will be all worth it. So if anyone feels like they might want to help me achieve this goal, by sponsering me with any amount, you can contact me. By sponsering me through your business, or just as a friend, it is a tax writeoff, and free advertising.
So this is what I have been doing lately, besides the usual.

Monday, April 21, 2008

"My diet starts tomorrow..."

"My diet starts tomorrow..." how many times have we said this. Personally, i think I say it when I am feeling guilty. I pride myself in fitness and eating healthy. I have to have something to selfishly obsess about. Some people have other addictions, like alcohol, tobacco, drugs, even Overeating. Me, its keeping up with my health. I try to say the main reason is so I can be healthy, but for the most part its vanity. I mean don't we all want to have a six pack, and toned arms and legs? no? not everyone? Well I guess I give myself, what seems like an impossible goal, so I can stay motivated. Well even the most obsessed workout-aholic falls off the wagon some time. Me.... I do it everytime I reach my weight goal. I dont know why I do it. Everytime I reach this goal, I feel great, I have more energy, and I feel comfortable in anything I put on. So why do I stop doing what Im doing and go haywire?? I'll tell you why.2 reasons. 1. I love food. I love food so much I feel like I talk about it any chance I get. I wake up in the morning and the first thing I think of is, hmmm what should I eat? I finish my workout and think hmmm....what should I eat? I get Rian off the bus in the afternoon and think hmmmm.... what should I make for dinner? , so I can eat!!! and 2. I think I have nothing to obsess about anymore, so I make myself relax for awhile so I can gain just enough weight back(not to much, now, afterall Im still vain)just like 5 to 8 pounds, just so I can freak myself out enough to get back to what im good at. OBSESSING over the gym, protein bars, protein shakes, energy drinks, and good ol' lowfat diets!! Well I am to that point, as my lovely husband(who is just as bad as me)so nicely reminded me yesterday. Yes I know, I have reached that point where my skin is not as nice,(I credit that to my sugar fixes, and sweet tooth), as well as my butt. Ok, so I have had a little desert EVERY night for the past, I dunno, month. Is it a crime?? Well as Im reasurring myself that its ok to have a little milkshake with dinner, because, afterall, I am having salad and soup to eat, I tell myself this is ok. Then Jason gives me that look like your kidding yourself. Rage fills my body. OK, so what if my soup is Chicken Tortilla, not the most calorie friendly soup to choose from, and so what if I use the whole thing of not fatfree Ranch sauce all over. It is SOUP and SALAD for heavens sake! Now this shouldn't have been a problem but I knew deep inside this wasn't a very healthy choice, and although it is ok to eat bad sometimes, I haven't been eating good enough lately, to eat bad. So I say afterwards, in my guilty voice, yes you guessed it..."my diet starts tomorrow! again." And it has, so far.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I feel so appreciated. Here I am thinking I am so boring, and my lovely sista's take the time to not only view my boring blogs, but to also comment on them. Thankyou , thankyou. Well Reece had her school sing song concert last night. It was adorable. They did a little concert to the story of David and Goliath. It was hilarious. Reece was so into it. She frowned her face as she sung songs about "God will help us" and "nothing is impossible". All the while shaking her head and wagging her finger, singing over and over that trust in god cause with him ......."nothing is impossible, nothing is impossible, nothing is impossible, if we trust in him. (Use your creativity to figure out the tune.) Anyway, my little blondie knew every single word and hand jesture that went with it. My favorite was when they acted out how David killed Goliath, with 5 little stones. Imagine about 30 little 3 and 4yr olds smacking themselves in the forehead with their hands. It was so funny. Anyway she did a great job and I was very proud of her. even if instead of singing in a pretty little voice as you might imagine Reece doing, she was screaming at the top of her lungs, till her face was red and veins were popping out of her neck, only trying to be louder than any of the others!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Not much is going on at the moment. We had spring break a couple weeks ago. We went to Galveston. The kids had so much fun. Ray and Reece played in the sand the whole time. Rian loved the water. I will post pics when I can. We had to get a new computer recently, so all our pictures are on the old computer. Anyway I will try to transfer them as soon as I can. Anyway like I said not much going on right now. Just the same old boring stuff.

Monday, March 17, 2008

for all my sista's

hello ladies!
this is for you, especially tanya. well I don't have much to say so ill just go. Last night , about we'll say 2am ,I was awaken by my little redhead, Rian. She informed me she felt sick, thankyou chalice. So I told her to lay on the couch ,and if she thought she would throw up, run to my bathroom. So about 5 min goes by, and I hear little pitter patter running , then my bathroom light flicks on and .. you get the picture. So I run in there to find my lovely daughter leaned over the toilet with her waistlength hair all in her face. So im holding her hair back, because im a good mom, normally I would cringe to hear, let alone see, someone throwing up, and suddenly between convulsions, I hear a very long toot come out. Im trying not to laugh , for this is no laughing matter, and suddenly I think , Oh no, what if the pressure of throwing up becomes to much and she can't control her bowels? She managed to make it to the toilet without a trail for me to clean up, now what if there is a different mess for me to clean up? a much much worse mess! As I am contemplating what to do, I realize she is finished. Awwww, thank goodness. She rinses her mouth out, wipes it off with a towel, washes her hands, and says excitedly, "I think it was something I ate mom, b/c I feel FINE now!" without a single tear my 7 year old pukes, cleans up herself, and hops off to bed. Wow, my baby's growing up. And tomorow I ll tell you the tales of Reece, for she is the last in our family who hasn't gotten sick yet. toodles!!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

ok fine!

This is just a test. There will be more to come.

happy Tanya?