Sunday, August 10, 2008

Get against the wall and stay there!

This is a funny pic. I was watching my 3 nephews that day, and we had just got our new couches the day before. So I was very strict about them eating or drinking in the living room. They were having a capri sun, and I simply said "ok everyone, make sure you stay inside the kitchen with your drinks. I don't want you to spill on my new couches." The next thing I know they are all standing against the wall in a perfect line, sucking their drinks like they were going out of style, so they could hurry and finish sponge bob square pants. It was hilarioous!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Rough and tough!!

Why are boys so rambunctious!!! Little Girls can be hyper and very active, but for the most part reasonable. But little boys..... everything has to be rough and tough. Ray cant just give me a hug and kiss, he has to run full speed at me and jump on top of me to kiss me, bumping my head in the process. When I tell him to clean up his mess he yells NO!, when I pop him on the butt, and tell him again and to not tell me NO!, he says uhhh! OKeeeeaa! And when he is in a silly mood he doesnt talk to me he growls and laughs running away.
So last week monday to be precise, we were all having a very nice day swimming in the backyard. We decided to have a picnic for lunch outside by the pool. It was hot but there was a little breeze, so it wasvery nice. I was chicking my phone for missed calls while the kids were all eating and sitting nicely in their chairs. They were so good that I said if they finished everything, I would give them a brownie, left over from the day before. So I went in the house to get the kids their treat and as Im bringing them outside, I see Ray on top of the table, with my phone in hand. before I could say anything, Rian is screaming at him saying "RAY, PUT THAT DOWN!!!, NO SIR!!!" Now if you don't know, this is not the way to get Ray to put anything down. When he is yelled at about holding something, instead of being a good little boy and putting it down, he automatically throws the object. So I knew in that instant my phone, which is my life, was over. Their it went flying in the air, bouncing on the hard cement, and into the pool. Sinking to the bottom. I was devestated. But thank goodness I had my sim card inside with all my numbers saved on it. So I got the phone and ran it into the house to retrieve my card before it to was ruined. Then I hear another scream followed by loud crying from my son. I ran outside to find him in the pool, (its ok he had floaties on), with his mouth full of blood. Apparently Rian says, he was standing at the edge with his back to the pool, and reece pushed him in on accident and he fell hitting his mouth on the flagstone. I came to find out he had bit through his bottom lip. OUCH!! So ofcoarse he had to get stitches. He needed 4, but only got 2, because he was moving so much. That was a tramatic experience for any mother to go through. And a whole other story. The question is , has it slowed him down at all, and taught him a lesson about being so rough?? NOT ONE BIT!!