Monday, November 3, 2008

There she is...Ms. Texan american Beauty.....

So If you haven't heard, the big pageant I have been preparing for was last night, and I won! It was such a shock to me. And yes I have to admit I did cry. It was so overwhelming and with all the stress and preparation for this day, to actually acheive the goal that I set for myself was so surreal. Ofcoarse it didn't help that my little Rian and Reece were there in the front row bawling for me. Reece thought I was a princess and wanted to touch my crown. It was so cute. Anyway now I have a lot of work ahead of me as Ms. Texas. Not only do I have to represent our state in the National pageant, but there are a ton of duties throughout the year I have to perform. Right now Im taking the day off from my usual duties and relaxing. And eating anything I want!!! I will have pics to come later, hopefully. If not you can keep checking the website to see if they updated it yet. They should sometime this week. Its
PS. to all of you who voted for me online thankyou, I also won the peoples choice award.