Monday, March 17, 2008

for all my sista's

hello ladies!
this is for you, especially tanya. well I don't have much to say so ill just go. Last night , about we'll say 2am ,I was awaken by my little redhead, Rian. She informed me she felt sick, thankyou chalice. So I told her to lay on the couch ,and if she thought she would throw up, run to my bathroom. So about 5 min goes by, and I hear little pitter patter running , then my bathroom light flicks on and .. you get the picture. So I run in there to find my lovely daughter leaned over the toilet with her waistlength hair all in her face. So im holding her hair back, because im a good mom, normally I would cringe to hear, let alone see, someone throwing up, and suddenly between convulsions, I hear a very long toot come out. Im trying not to laugh , for this is no laughing matter, and suddenly I think , Oh no, what if the pressure of throwing up becomes to much and she can't control her bowels? She managed to make it to the toilet without a trail for me to clean up, now what if there is a different mess for me to clean up? a much much worse mess! As I am contemplating what to do, I realize she is finished. Awwww, thank goodness. She rinses her mouth out, wipes it off with a towel, washes her hands, and says excitedly, "I think it was something I ate mom, b/c I feel FINE now!" without a single tear my 7 year old pukes, cleans up herself, and hops off to bed. Wow, my baby's growing up. And tomorow I ll tell you the tales of Reece, for she is the last in our family who hasn't gotten sick yet. toodles!!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

ok fine!

This is just a test. There will be more to come.

happy Tanya?