Sunday, December 21, 2008

The joys of having sisters

Poor Ray. He is what his father was. The only boy in the family. Only its worse because Ray is the youngest as well as the only boy. He has no idea that he is being tortured. He only thinks he is finelly getting to be apart of whatever it is his sisters always do when they leave him out. They play dress up and he thinks he needs to also. So this poor young boy of mine has become a victim of cross-dressing, and has no idea! Well at least he has his father, a real mans man, to help him out. He will teach him what a real man should wear, or uh not wear that is. I dont know which scares me more......

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

For Tanya

Here are some pics for you Tanya. They are from when you came to visit for a short weekend! We had so much fun.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Pageant pics

As promised, here are a few pictures from the pageant. One is from the fashion part of the competition. I also won the "peoples choice queen", so thank you to all who voted for me online.

Monday, November 3, 2008

There she is...Ms. Texan american Beauty.....

So If you haven't heard, the big pageant I have been preparing for was last night, and I won! It was such a shock to me. And yes I have to admit I did cry. It was so overwhelming and with all the stress and preparation for this day, to actually acheive the goal that I set for myself was so surreal. Ofcoarse it didn't help that my little Rian and Reece were there in the front row bawling for me. Reece thought I was a princess and wanted to touch my crown. It was so cute. Anyway now I have a lot of work ahead of me as Ms. Texas. Not only do I have to represent our state in the National pageant, but there are a ton of duties throughout the year I have to perform. Right now Im taking the day off from my usual duties and relaxing. And eating anything I want!!! I will have pics to come later, hopefully. If not you can keep checking the website to see if they updated it yet. They should sometime this week. Its
PS. to all of you who voted for me online thankyou, I also won the peoples choice award.

Monday, October 27, 2008

I hate the emergency room!

It has been a crazy weekend! Rian told me her butt itched on fri. morning. I looked and it simply looked like a mosquito bite. I told her, dont ich it, and it will go away. Then Friday night she couln't sit on the cheek that she had the "bite" on. I looked at it again, this time it was swollen and had a pimple like head. So naturally I popped it and told her to wash herself better. Then Sat. morning I checked it again, and it was more swollen and hot to the touch, and had another puss pocket. So I then thought this was a spider bite. Having been bitten myself once by a poisonous spider, I saw the signs. I took her to the emergency room. So 2 hours and $200.00 later, they told me to watch it and gave me an antibiotic for the infection. I was a little frustrated and unsatisfied with the diagnoses. They didn't even take a culture or anything. So I gave her the medicine for the 2 days and watched it. By Sat. night, the redness was past the little marks they made earlier that morning. I kept watching. Sun., the same thing. Then Sunday night it had spread even more and now the head of it was black. I know this was not good. So I made her dr. appt for monday morning. I love my doctor. Dr. Bellinoski! What a gal!! She took one look and asked, "Did the dr. at the emergency room take a culture?" I said no. She asked "Why NOT" i dunno. anyway she took a culture and drained the puss out. She also gave another antibiotic cream to put on it. She said it looks like a type of staff infection, called MSRA staff. She will know for sure in a couple days. She then gave us some more instructions and said she would call us when the culture came in. And all that cost me was my 25 dollar co-pay. I cant believe the emergency room did nothing but look at it. For all that money and nothing. I will never go there again. From now on Ill go to the Texas childrens emergency office on weekends. Its just a co-pay and a lot more thourough!!!
So far Rian is doing a lot better, since a lot of the puss was squeezed out.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Random photos

This is how Ray watches tv. I love it. The girls decided to lay with him. The other photo is at the b-party below, and is all my nephews and my kiddos as well.