Thursday, September 18, 2008

Random photos

This is how Ray watches tv. I love it. The girls decided to lay with him. The other photo is at the b-party below, and is all my nephews and my kiddos as well.

Party time

This is my nephew and ofcoarse Ray at Brice's 2nd bday party, (my nephew). They had so much fun. Aren't they cute with their big floatie muscle's?

Im a star

Lookout Hannah Montana, here comes Rian Lee, she's on her way. Rian started guitar lessons about a month ago. She loves it so far and seems to be catching on pretty well. Im hopeing she'll get good enough to teach me one day. I dunno, we will see.

Ahh...the simple things...

Its funny how something so simple can entertain a child for hours. Reece and Ray pulled all the pillow cushions on to the floor one night and jumped off the couch onto them, over, and over again. They laughed so hard. Rian came out and joined in the fun. They were busy with this for about two hours, right before bedtime. I usually do not allow this, but since they were having so much fun with each other, I took it as an oppurtunity for them to make memories. I remember doing the same thing with my sisters, and just laughing and laughing. It seemed like we could fly. It actually looks like Ray and Reece are flying in some of these pics.