Monday, October 27, 2008

I hate the emergency room!

It has been a crazy weekend! Rian told me her butt itched on fri. morning. I looked and it simply looked like a mosquito bite. I told her, dont ich it, and it will go away. Then Friday night she couln't sit on the cheek that she had the "bite" on. I looked at it again, this time it was swollen and had a pimple like head. So naturally I popped it and told her to wash herself better. Then Sat. morning I checked it again, and it was more swollen and hot to the touch, and had another puss pocket. So I then thought this was a spider bite. Having been bitten myself once by a poisonous spider, I saw the signs. I took her to the emergency room. So 2 hours and $200.00 later, they told me to watch it and gave me an antibiotic for the infection. I was a little frustrated and unsatisfied with the diagnoses. They didn't even take a culture or anything. So I gave her the medicine for the 2 days and watched it. By Sat. night, the redness was past the little marks they made earlier that morning. I kept watching. Sun., the same thing. Then Sunday night it had spread even more and now the head of it was black. I know this was not good. So I made her dr. appt for monday morning. I love my doctor. Dr. Bellinoski! What a gal!! She took one look and asked, "Did the dr. at the emergency room take a culture?" I said no. She asked "Why NOT" i dunno. anyway she took a culture and drained the puss out. She also gave another antibiotic cream to put on it. She said it looks like a type of staff infection, called MSRA staff. She will know for sure in a couple days. She then gave us some more instructions and said she would call us when the culture came in. And all that cost me was my 25 dollar co-pay. I cant believe the emergency room did nothing but look at it. For all that money and nothing. I will never go there again. From now on Ill go to the Texas childrens emergency office on weekends. Its just a co-pay and a lot more thourough!!!
So far Rian is doing a lot better, since a lot of the puss was squeezed out.

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cemarcano said...

Scary. I love and MISS Dr. Bellinoski! Hope that Rian gets over her infection soon.